STANGL Funktechnik GmbH
STANGL Funktechnik GmbH

Air Radio Systems

  • Planning and installation of aeronautical communication systems for airports and administrations worldwide
  • Special developments for low frequency and antenna distances at the tower
  • Service on existing and new installed aeronautical radio systems of reputable manufacturer


Qualified and approved for Maintenance of Dittel Air Radios:

  • FSG2
  • TFSG90(x)
  • FSG4/5/5W
  • FSG7016
  • FSG70/71M

We are the only company worldwide (except the manufacturer Dittel itself) to carry out the automatically test and calibration procedures of FGS90(x). In particular the regular calibration prescribed in the FSG90 operation manual (for 8.33 kHz Base Stations application).

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